Everyone who wants to pamper themselves or a loved one with a precious gift thinks about what kind of gold is better to buy. The modern precious metals market offers a wide selection of gold products in various shades, such as white, red, yellow, green and even black.

The color of the gold product and its composition

As you know, at this stage in the development of the precious metals industry, for the most part, they represent different types of alloys made of gold rate in Canda and any other metals. Therefore, when you come to a jewelry store, in any case you will think about which gold is better, where to buy it and which country of origin it should be.

Impurities in the alloy are otherwise called ligature additives. The color and structure of the gold product will depend on the quantity and composition of these additives. As an example: if gold itself has an alloy with platinum, zinc or nickel, then it will have a white color; if gold is in an alloy with silver, then yellow (the most popular), and an unusual red tint will turn out if gold is in an alloy with copper.

It is important to note that the sample of the product will depend on the number of additives. If the metal contains a large number of additives, then there will be less gold in it and its sample will become lower, thus, the metal itself will become much cheaper.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that gold is an alloy with platinum will cost much more than it is in composition with nickel.

Another tip regarding the composition of a precious item. Often there are cases when a particular additive in an alloy with gold causes an allergic reaction, so make sure that you or your loved one does not have it.

What is the secret to the low cost of gold from Turkey and Egypt?

Which gold is better: Turkish or Egyptian, the question is complex. Below we will try to deal with it.

As you know, precious metals from Turkey and Egypt can be bought much cheaper than everyone else, especially if purchased directly in the manufacturing country. And they are:

are inexpensive because gold is never alloyed with silver, and most often with copper. It is the high copper content in the product that makes it so cheap. But of course, such products have some negative aspects. For example, when you decide which gold is best to buy: Turkish or Egyptian, keep in mind that the first darkens quickly enough if you leave it without proper care, and the second has reduced resistance to environmental influences.

It is impossible not to mention that as regards the features of the ligature of gold products there. Appearance is significantly different from domestic gold. There it is dimmer and almost does not shimmer in direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, Turkish and Egyptian gold can even crack or crack at low weather temperatures. Therefore, since you decide to buy such products, do not be discouraged because it may soon go bad. In other words, such jewelry is best treated as expensive jewelry.

What is the success of gold products from Italy?

To begin with, it is worth noting that Italian gold is one of the best in the world. In addition, this country is the largest exporter of precious metals. Therefore, traveling the world, and thinking about where it is best to buy gold, pay attention to this country.

Italian products differ even in appearance: they have a bright yellow tint, beautiful overflows, and inserts of other colors are completely absent. Such qualities are achieved due to the absence of copper or silver in the composition of products.

Despite this, craftsmen from Italy always try to keep up to date, therefore, in order to give the metal interesting shades, they nevertheless alloy gold with other additives.

In most cases, a precious metal from Italy is made from gold of the following samples:

Each Italian product is a whole work of art and clearly answers the question of which gold is the best from all. Even professionals in their field have always admired gold from Italy. Firstly, such metal is distinguished by a special grinding, which is carried out only in this country. Secondly, Italians work out and hone all the details, even the smallest ones, down to the smallest detail.

The worldwide success and recognition of Italy as a trendsetter in jewelry fashion came to her immediately after the Gucci and Armani brands entered the jewelry market. Thus, Italian products always have the highest breakdown, and their presence once again emphasizes the status and sense of style of its owner.

Where is it better to buy gold items?

Fake, fake gold these days can be found quite often.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a precious product in a jewelry store that will provide you with all possible guarantors of quality. Therefore, often people do not neglect dubious jewelry stores, buy gold in transitions or on the Internet. In most cases, they will purchase low-quality goods, even for little money. Markets are also not recommended as a place to buy jewelry.

Consequently, the question of which gold is better to buy is fading into the background and mainly buyers will be interested in the place of purchase of gold.

But where is it better to buy high-quality metal, if they can deceive even in jewelry stores? It is better to buy gold in those places that you have known for a long time. And the longer the better. For example, you remember from childhood that here, on this place, there has been a jewelry store all my life and it has been standing there to this day. This will be further proof that he leads a good business and offers his customers quality products.

This does not mean that all new salons will deceive you, they will offer gold of dubious quality. The fact is that they have not yet earned their reputation, and jewelry costs a lot of money, so it’s better not to risk it again.

If we talk about what kind of gold is better to buy in these salons, then it is definitely one that has a clearly visible mark that does not cause even the slightest doubt about the authenticity. In addition, pay attention to the inside of the decoration. Absolutely all products must be executed carefully without any flaws.

The best moment to buy a precious item

Having some idea of ​​where and what kind of gold is best to buy, you should think about when to do it. It is much more profitable to buy gold at some specific point, thought out in advance. But how to calculate this moment?

Mainly, such a question may arise for those who make a purchase for the first time and are new to the design of a market system. Below are some tips on this.

First of all, you need to remember the main thing: during promotions and all kinds of seasonal sales, it is not recommended to make jewelry purchases, no matter what favorable conditions are offered by the store. Most often, stocks apply to outdated products, or to those not distinguished by special quality and damage resistance.

Also, avoid bulk purchases. For example, when a jewelry salon offers discounts on a second, third and subsequent product, it is best to refuse this offer. As a result, some of them will turn out to be of poor quality.

It is also not a good idea to buy gold items on the eve of different holidays. It is best to purchase gold jewelry with an eye on the growth of the dollar or euro. Do not expect maximum falls or highs. Choose the most stable moment when the course fluctuates in a relatively small range.

Is it worth buying gold bullion and which one to give preference?

Dozens of years ago, if a person had a bar of gold, he was considered fabulously rich. Nowadays, this is not a luxury item, but rather, another means of investment.

The disadvantage of this financial investment is the lack of quick profit, regardless of what kind of gold bullion it is. It is best to buy bullion from state-owned banks that are licensed to sell them. The 22K gold rate in canada is 57.4 CAD.

It is important to know that each bank reserves the right to independently set prices for its bullion. Carefully study and analyze prices in several banks at once. This will save you a decent amount of money.

In addition, if you are not sure that you can keep a precious bullion in your storage for a long time, then immediately ask about whether the bank will accept it back and how much the difference in the amount will be calculated. It is better to give preference to the bank, which sells and buys back gold. So you can save a little money.

It is necessary to store ingots very carefully, because the metal of the 999th sample is very sensitive to external influences. If the ingot was damaged due to your fault, the bank will never accept it back under any circumstances. Also responsibly approach the storage of the certificate for your purchase.

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